2013-06-04 How to Use Intercom.com to Learn About Your Customers

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Intercom.com is a web service that provides a unique insight into who your customers are. It allows you to view publicly available information on the internet such as a Twitter account or a public Flickr page, and these small insights can help you learn about and a great deal about your customers.

When you first start a business you will more than likely know all of your customers by name. Each week you recognize different customers as their box goes down the pack line, and you pause here and there to add a bonus item to their delivery. As your company gets bigger though, you can lose touch with that small-business feeling and get lost in a sea of customer ID's.

That may sound a bit dramatic, but it's true, and that's why we have integrated Intercom.com with the Kiva Logic software.

What Does the Intercom.com Integration DO?


On the admin side of your website when you are viewing a customer account, you'll notice a new avatar next to their name. If your customer has made a Gravatar, their Twitter account profile pic, or their Facebook profile pic public, then one of the three will be displayed next to their name.

If any social accounts for the customer are found you will also see a small icon for each service displayed under the customers name. Just click on the icon and a new tab will open up- so if you click on a Twitter icon that appears under a customers' name, the new tab will be their Twitter page.

How to Use the Intercom.com Integration

Easy- just browse to a customer account on the admin side of your website. If Intercom.com has found public profiles for that customer, they will be displayed as links and an avatar, if not, then no links will appear.

It's Automatically Enabled for You.

There are no extra fees (yes, it's free for our clients) for this service or integration, and it has been set up for you already. As time goes by, you will see more and more data appear as customers login and Intercom.com looks up information for them. Starting off there won't be many accounts that have anything, and it may take a few weeks before you see a large number of accounts with information.

And don't worry- we save time by caching any results found, so your customer account page will stay fast.

Knowing who your customers can make or break your business and we think this is one more impressive tool that you can use to learn more about what makes your customers tick- and how you can better serve them.

Have questions? Just send an email to service@kivalogic.com and we'll get right back to you.

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