2018-03-08 Updated Shopping and More

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Hi folks, we have a collection of changes and updates for you to help make your life easier running on the Kiva Logic home delivery software, and to offer your customers even more benefits to shopping with you. Check it out!

Recipe Page Overhaul

The recipe page has undergone a complete overhaul and now has some very exciting features. Customers can leave recipe reviews, save recipes as favorites, 'like' other recipe reviews, track what recipes they've made, and print recipes. Read the Recipes Documentation for the whole story.


Updated Shopping Experience

To keep current with best practices for modern ecommerce, the shopping buttons to adjust quantity and add items to an order or cart have been updated. We have switched from using a dropdown box for quantity to using a text input with plus and minus buttons on either side.

Featured items on the customer home page


Making it easy to shop on mobile, all buttons have an increased 'touch' area. This helps customers click the right button and reduce errors, which can lead to frustration and lower product add-on revenue.

Shop on Desktop:


Shop on mobile:

Dashboard Updates

The dashboard now loads much quicker than before! We overhauled the behind the scenes processing that goes on to keep your dashboard stats, notifications, and graphs up to date.

Referral Program

We've added a new notification that will pop up on the dashboard when a new customer signs up and was referred by another customer. This alert will let you know that you need to link the old and new customer accounts, so that the existing customer can receive credit for the new customer.


Quick On/Off

When editing certain data objects, like Zip Codes, you can now simply click 'on' or 'off' to update a setting! This saves time since you don't have to edit each zip code individually.


YouTube Social Link

On your "Settings" page, you can now add a link to your YouTube channel!



That's all for now. If you have any questions or comments, drop us a line at support@kivalogic.com. Have a great day, and we'll leave you with these two words: "matrix", and "tetris".

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