2020-03-10 Pandemic Update

date: 2020-03-10 10:12:36+00:00

Hey folks,

So things are a little crazy right now.

Short version is, Kiva Logic is not accepting new customers because we're swamped supporting our existing customers. You can sign up for a waitlist here.

If you have an urgent covid-related need for software that will help people ASAP, send an email to wayne@kivalogic.com, but I can't guarantee anything.

If you need masks or no-touch thermometers, as of April 17, I found this company is shipping some three-ply and KN-95 masks pretty quick (speaking as a US resident FYI, and I have no affiliation, I'll update if I find something better): iHealthLabs.com.

update July 25, 2020: This is a Maine company that makes cloth masks that can have filters inserted, and they are awesome for being active: Outdoor Research Face Masks. The adjustable ear straps are super cool, they have a wire bridge on the nose to help make it fit better, and it also fits on big faces like mine :). My other favorite cloth mask is from another Maine company called Origin Maine. It has straps that go around your head, it's nice to be able to let it hang around your neck in between wearing, and again, it also works for people with beards and/or big heads.

The rest of this page (the stuff you scroll down below to) is normal marketing/landing page stuff.

Stay safe out there, please practice social distancing, take care of each other, from our family to yours, much love,


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