2018-05-04 Kiva Logic Earns Prestigious Awards for eCommerce Software

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Kiva Logic Rising Star 2018 Award Kiva Logic User Experience 2018 Award

At Kiva Logic, we strive to provide our clients with a delightful experience for managing their home delivery business while enabling them to provide their customers with an exceptional customer service. This core principles were observed by the CompareCamp review platform after they conducted an analysis of our home delivery management solution. Impressed with the capabilities of Kiva Logic, CompareCamp distinguished us with the Great User Experience Award and Rising Star of 2018 Award.

In CompareCamp’s Kiva Logic review, they deconstructed the benefits of our platform to both businesses and their clients. Here’s a quick rundown of all benefits of Kiva Logic, according to the CompareCamp review team:

  • Kiva Logic features an “intuitive and neat admin interface.”
  • Custom eCommerce website is “responsive” and “provides your customers a smooth shopping experience on all popular devices.”
  • Push messaging allows businesses like yours to “extend your business reach, maximize sales opportunities, and enhance customer management and interaction.”
  • Easy access on any platform, thus granting users “flexibility to address concerns and issues, reply to consumer queries, and view your opportunities as they happen.”
  • Timely delivery of goods with our route management tool.
  • Grant customers multiple payment options.

This positive review shows that businesses can effectively operate their unique business with Kiva Logic. Aside from offering an efficiently designed platform, the Kiva Logic team will also properly assess your operations to ensure that our platform is a good fit for your business.

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