2018-04-29 Kiva Logic Certified as a Top Ecommerce SaaS

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Kiva Logic Certified as a Top Ecommerse SaaS

Kiva Logic Distinguished with 2 eCommerce Software Distinctions by Platform for SaaS Reviews.

The Kiva Logic team is proud to receive two industry awards for eCommerce software from popular business software review platform FinancesOnline. Kiva Logic received the Great User Experience award for offering a pleasing user experience for both eCommerce businesses and their customers. Simply put, Kiva Logic can truly delight your customers with a pleasant shopping experience while ensuring all your eCommerce processes are efficiently handled.

Similarly, they awarded us their Rising Star award under best ecommerce software for our increasing popularity and positive client reception, thus cementing Kiva Logic as a reliable brand that businesses can trust.

Being a reputed software review platform that has reviewed thousands of software solutions, FinancesOnline thoroughly deconstructed the benefits of Kiva Logic and analyzed how it stacks against other best eCommerce software platforms for small business. In general, their experts were impressed with our platform’s capabilities for customer interaction and administrative management for a successful home delivery business.

According to FinancesOnline, Kiva Logic offers a “responsive” and “seamless shopping experience on any device.” This extends to the administrative side, allowing businesses to manage their business anywhere they may and respond to customer queries and spot new opportunities as they happen.

Push messaging tools for driving sales engagement, optimize route deliveries and shipping labels for efficient delivery of goods, feature-packed administrative tools, and multiple payment options were also highlighted by FinancesOnline in their review.

Are you ready to see if Kiva Logic can help your home delivery company? Contact Kiva Logic for a free evaluation today.

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