2013-02-01 5 Reasons Why YOU Should Include a Welcome Letter

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The first time a customer hears the door bell ring and finds a smiling delivery person holding a box of fresh, organic produce is a magical time! There are several key things you MUST do to make sure that the experience surpasses everything they expected and keeps them coming back for more.

Remember, every little thing that you do to improve your product and your customers' experience could mean the difference between watching them cancel or gaining a lifetime customer.

The Welcome Letter

****The online delivery business provides very few moments where a personal communication can reach them. Most customers will sign up online and may never even meet you! Other times their online face-to-face contact with your company will be with the driver that drops off their delivery- and many times this is just a ring-the-doorbell-and-run situation.

Including a welcome later, printed on actual paper, can be a nice introduction to the customer and will say volumes about who you are and what your company stands for- as well as answer any frequent questions that new customers ask.

What To Say in a Welcome Letter

****The short answer- hello and thank you!

The long answer- "Welcome to our service. We are so excited to have you join up and help us support local organic farmers!" Make sure the customer knows how excited you are to have them on board and that they MEAN A LOT TO YOU!

Give them a quick overview about the way your service works, but don't let it get too long. Most customers have researched you a decent amount online by this point, but it can never help (especially for those customers' who aren't super internet-savvy) to give a short version of how your service works.

Think of it as condensing all the content on your site down to just a few points:

  • Welcome

  • This is Who we are

  • How it works

  • 100% Guarantee

Some companies like to add a recipe, others may get a bit more verbose or add other sections they feel are important to them, but please keep in mind-

They have already signed up!

Support their decision, but don't over-sell. Make them feel good about what they're doing, but keep it light and remember what state of mind they are in when they open that box- They're excited!!


Tons of styles to the physical welcome letter itself including:

  • Plain paper

  • Hand signed by the owner

  • recycled paper with a recycled envelope

  • stamp the front with your logo

  • include a sticker

  • include a couple flyers with discount codes for their friends

  • make sure it says 'please recycle'

  • want to get crazy? use paper that has vegetables seeds in it!!

Some companies with a lot of cash to burn actually mail out welcome 'packages' to their new customers that consist of a high-quality stock folder with inserts, cards, and multiple pages. If you can, that's great, but it seems like an awful waste of resources to me.

The 5 Reasons

Ok, well, I don't really have 5 reasons in a list, but I think you get the point. I'll leave you with this- instagram picture taken of a box delivered by Naturally To Your Door, a company based out of San Diego: http://instagram.com/p/VKRMlVG5PG/ 

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