2013-05-21 Introducing the Driver App Beta

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We are happy to be introducing the Driver App: a new feature on our software that allows your drivers to view their route, mark boxes as delivered, and automatically provides turn by turn directions from wherever they are to wherever they need to be.

Also, the App is designed to replace printed directions, special instructions, maps, etc.

New Admin User Type: Driver

To create a "Driver" in the system, go to the admin users page, and when you are creating a new admin user you will see a new option for "Delivery Driver App Access". This allows your drivers to log in to the mobile app without having access to the rest of your admin side.

Once you have created a new "Driver" admin user, the driver simply goes to your website and logs in just like a customer or other admin user does. The system will automatically load the Driver App, and they will be ready to go.


Driver App Features**

  • The Driver App can run on any smartphone (iPhone, Android phone...) or tablet device that has internet access.

  • Auto routing from current location to next delivery stop (get lost? reload the page!)

  • Customer info relevant to getting their order delivered (special instructions, address, etc) is displayed on the Driver App

  • Mark deliveries as done, view status of a delivery in the admin side to keep track of your drivers

Give Feedback on the Driver App

The driver app is still in Beta which means that while it is currently being used in production and on the road, we are still adding new features and improvements, so please keep that in mind. If you have feedback or bug reports, just send them along to service@kivalogic.com.

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