2013-02-07 Email Like 007- See When Recipients Open Your Email

date: 2013-02-07 01:09:54+00:00

Ever wish you could know when someone opens an email that you send? Heck, ever wish that you could just know that someone received an email? There exists a tool that can help monitor the emails you send and will tell you all this... and more. Prepare to be the James Bond, the 007 of email sending, because you are about to see when your recipients open your email!

Sending an email can feel like shouting into a cave; the only way you'll know if your message was received is if someone yells back at you.

Now imagine if someone turned on a floodlight in that cave so you could see if there was a person at the other end- when you're hollering at them, if they turn and look in your direction, you'll know they've heard you.

Here's how you can do this with email, and it's pretty darn simple. Go check out YesWare. Yes now. We'll wait.

Back? Good.

YesWare will integrate with your google apps account and packs a huge bang for the buck. Once you have installed, you can select whether you want to 'track' an email or not. If you choose to track an email, YesWare will let you know when that email was opened by your recipient- cool!

There are a ton of interesting uses for this software that we'll get to another day. We've been using YesWare integrated with PipeDrive for about 4 months now and are completely satisfied. Great product, useful tool, and makes us feel a little bit like undercover spies.

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