2013-03-08 Kiva Logic Newsletter March 8th Edition

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March 8th Edition - Responsively Awesome

_Organic Produce News & Feature updates_Hello! If you are short on time (or ditching the office early) and can only read one- check out the Responsive Design update.

Now Introducing Responsive Design - now your website loves phones and tablets


New Feature- View MailJet Email Statistics on Customer Accounts


Two Factor Authentication for the Admin side - want to protect your admin login user account to the max? We're talking Alcatraz surrounded by sharks with laser beams secure! We're looking for Beta testers to use two-factor authentication with our new integration of Authy. Full write-up coming soon (don't worry if you're not into two-factor or don't know what that means!) Drop us an email if you're interested.

Want Live Chat? oLark integration is now available. Ever wanted to have a live chat option on your website? Looking for early adopters, send an email if you're interested.

Stripe Integration - Chances are you're happy with your current processor, but if you're not, Stripe is now integrated with the software (2.9% + .30 transaction, no set up fees, no other fees, no merchant account required)

Misc. Fix & Adds:

  • add: On the weekly cycle, you can now close step 4 and the option to generate the weekly email will still appear below. Great for re-sending the weekly email after the cycle is complete, OR if you happen to forget to send it!

  • fix: bug that allowed customers to add additional items during the weekly routine in a very specific case situation

  • add: upgraded token protection to all forms on the front side

  • add: pretty buttons on login, sign-up, contact forms now have loading text to prevent double clicks

  • add: view your top referring customers. Go to Reports->Referrals, then click on 'View Referral Leaders'

  • add: simple report to view subscription counts by price. Go to Reports->Subscriptions (lots more coming here with pretty graphs and more search options soon)

  • add: wholesale cost easier to see on menu builder page

  • add: block customers from re-activating if you no longer deliver to their zip code

  • fix: 404's on admin side to no-longer used glyph icons (no effect, just annoying to see in the logs!)

Whew, that grew quickly, luckily, that's all for now! Remember that Earth Day is coming up soon, start planning. Have a fantastic weekend,


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