2013-01-30 How to Use Long Tail Keywords to Get More Customers

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HitTail is now integrated into the software. Here's a quick overview for you on how to use long tail keywords- when a customer types a very specific keyword into google (or bing) that tells us they know exactly what they are looking for. A good example is this- "organic box delivered oakland". Potential customers that enter phrases like that are more likely to sign up immediately compared to a potential customer that types in "organic food".

HitTail monitors the keywords used to get to your site, and can tell us which ones we should work on to rank highly for on google. The strategy is simple- identify a keyword, then build a landing page for it on your site.

In our example, we would build a page out with the title "Organic Box Delivered in Oakland" (make it human friendly), and then we'd write 300-500 words about that keyword, about the company, and make it an article that can help persuade the potential customer to sign up for your service right there and then.

The software has a keyword tool that can help you do this. Visit Settings->System Settings and then click on "Keywords". To create a new keyword-targeting page, just click on 'Add New Record'. Fill out all of the fields, click save, and your new keyword page is live!

On the keywords page, you can see the link generated by the system next to each record.

The links are all generated automatically, and to make sure that each page is linked to at least one other on your site, the system generates a link network. Each Keyword page will have links to 5 other pages, and the system is designed to expand that to include all new content- and it does this all automatically! All you have to do is write the content that will be used to concentrate on this keyword.

Big Net Means Lots of Fish

Think of targeting keywords like this- you are going fishing and you're casting a net in the water. The bigger your net, the more fish you are going to catch. Will your sign-ups skyrocket if you have 1 keyword page? Nope. But what would happen if you work on your content and build a net that has 100+ keywords?

Now- HitTail is important because it tell us how competitive the keywords used to find your business are. For example, if someone types in "awesome organic box produce delivery oakland", you will not find that specific phrase anywhere on the web. So if you built a keyword targeting page for that search, you will most certainly rank #1 for it.

IMPORTANT- Google is very, very good at picking up on spam, which is why each and every page must be different and bring something else to the table. Here is a simple test- if a human thinks it sounds spammy, then it's spammy. If you click on 5 keyword article links and read the same thing on every page (with just a few differences), then it's spammy.

The absolute hardest part is writing the content, and a major reason why most businesses just don't do it- but if you do, or hire someone to help (or if you want Kiva Logic to help), then this will help you in the long run.

If you would like to enable this feature and haven't weekly targeted keywords sent to you- just let me know.

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