2013-02-01 Doorganics Showcases Delivery Software with a Video

date: 2013-02-01 01:55:54+00:00

Doorganics, a company based out of Grand Rapids Michigan, has just created an awesome video showcasing their new website. The video also showcases the Kiva Logic Home Delivery Software. Doorganics' goal is to help potential customers learn how to sign-up and how to use the easy order customization features.

It also touches base on how delivery customers can update their settings to tell Doorganics what produce they like and don't like, so that way the Doorganics order creation system will automatically sub items on their 'no' list out, and replace it with something the customer likes instead.

It's Cool With Me vs No Thank You!

This is an especially handy feature to have for customers who REALLY don't like onions, or perhaps are allergic to garlic. Hey, Vampires should eat their veggies too but it doesn't mean they shouldn't be able to customize their order!

Very inspiring and exciting work by owner Mike Hughes, the video is hosted on Vimeo and had over a hundred hits in just the first few hours after it was released!

If you want a video like this for your website and don't know how to make one, we can definitely help you and connect you with the people who can. Just drop an email to support@kivalogic.com

Check out the video:


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