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One of the most difficult aspects of running a home delivery business is staying on top scheduling deliveries to your customers. With multiple options, features, and settings Kiva Logic can help make it easy.

The Kiva Logic software is perfect for subscription based businesses- our web based home delivery scheduling software can be customized to suit your business and how it operates.

Weekly or biweekly schedule for your customersYour customers can set their default schedule to receive a delivery every week, every other week, or every 4 weeks. If you are running a social promotion or trial box, new customers that redeem a social coupon can also be set up to have a trial schedule. They'll receive one delivery and then their account can be put on hold automatically. This is important because otherwise you may not be able to run deals or promotions with certain social sites like Groupon or Living Social.

Web Based Home Delivery Scheduling Software For Your Customers

Web Based Home Delivery Scheduling Software For Your CustomersAfter a customer sets their default schedule, they can customize it up to three months in advance (want more than three months? No problem, we can set it up for you). If your customer wants to add a delivery or skip a delivery, they simply navigate to their schedule page and click on the day that they want to add or skip a delivery. Check out this video to see a customer schedule page in action.

Web Based Home Delivery Scheduling Software allows for weekly, biweekly, and one time deliveries- and your customers can customize their schedule months in advance.

The Kiva Logic software handles all scheduling 100% automatically so you don't have to keep track of anything. When orders are generated, the software will look at every active customer account, check their adds and skips, and check their default schedule to determine if they should receive an order or not- and it's all done for you.

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