2013-05-18 Revisting Keyword Target Pages- How to Boost Your SEO for Longtail Keywords

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In a previous post, we discussed and how to use long tail keywords to increase visitors to your website from search engines. Long tail keywords can help potential customers find your website and your business, and it's pretty easy to help them do that. This article revists how to boost your pages with SEO longtail keywords.

Casco Bay Organics

Two days ago we helped Casco Bay Organics get started with our Keyword Page tool. This simple tool allows you build new pages containing content that will help get more pages indexed by Google (and the other ) with minimal effort. The hardest part is harnessing your inner creative genius to write relevant content that potential customers will like and appreciate.

The tool will prompt you for the keywords you are targeting, and the content you wish to have show up on that page. The Kiva Logic system will take it from there. Each page will be automatically generated and linked in to your website to increase visibility to web crawlers, and will also be included in your automatically generated sitemap.


Using the Keyword Tool, Casco Bay Organics entered just a few simple search phrases relevant to their delivery area in Portland, Maine and created new pages with content. In less than two days, with the help of, all four pages were linked in on Google and ranking on page one for the local search results.

Is it spam? The simple answer is no. This service you show you why!

By adding more relevant content to your web presence, you are helping people find what they are looking for, and helping to grow your business. We do not advocate spam or black-hat methods of because the long-term effect of such tactics is so incredibly detrimental, especially with Google's search intelligence increasing with every release.

If you have any questions about the Keyword Tool or long tail keywords in general, please drop us note at support@kivalogic.com.

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