2013-01-30 Now Introducing- the Hello Bar Integration!

date: 2013-01-30 23:30:38+00:00

Now introducing... the Hello Bar! To see what this is, visit http://www.hellobar.com . The Hello Bar is now integrated with the software so if you want to bring a message to your customers' attention, all you have to is tell me what you want the message to be and where you want it to link to.

What You Can Do With the Hello Bar

  • promote a discount code to entice potential customers

  • share your social information to get more 'likes'

  • ask people to sign up for your newsletter

  • big important announces

  • holiday schedule notifications

You could use this to promote new products, new delivery areas, pretty much whatever you want. Try using it for a one day only 50% discount!

This can be displayed on all pages on your site OR only on pages where customers are not logged in (better for sign up codes). At this time, only one hello bar can be configured for your site at a time.

Check it out live

****Want to see an awesome example of the Hello Bar in the wild? Head on over to http://www.doorganics.com 

UPDATE 1/31/2013: Changed it up a bit so the drop down affect only happens on the main landing page, I found it was too distracting on other pages- like the sign up form!

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