2013-01-30 How Many Potential Customers NOT Signing Up?

date: 2013-01-30 23:15:36+00:00

There is a new report (in BETA status!) that will tell you exactly this. Go to Reports->Missed Signups. This report will give you the information of any potential customers that completed step 1 of the sign up process but then for some reason failed to complete step 2.

The report dives through the system logs to gather this information, then does a search on your customer database to see if it can find a match. When it doesn't find a match, it will show you! The records marked 'incomplete' are the ones that never finished the sign up process.

Whoa, that's kind of like being a stalker.

Yes, I know, so whatever you do with this information, be cool about it and don't come off as a crazy person.

What can you do with this information? LOTS of things. The first and probably most important thing is to get in touch with this person and see if you can help them complete the sign up process.

Why don't customers complete the sign-up process?

People will bail on the sign up process for a multitude of reasons.

  • They can't find their wallet or purse

  • They decide it's too expensive

  • They don't want to commit to getting a box

  • They don't want to pay a sign up fee (if you have one)

  • Their kid started crying and they forgot what they were doing

  • Just keep imagining!

Your job is to find out what you can do to get them a box. Find out their concerns about becoming a customer and fix them! Try discounts, try signing them up over the phone, and sometimes it's as simple as answering a question about when their delivery day will be.

Even if you don't convert the person into a customer, you can still (politely) ask them what happened, why didn't they sign up? This is important because it can help prevent a missed customer in the future!

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