2013-02-11 New Feature: MailJet Email Statistics for Customer Accounts

date: 2013-02-11 17:39:36+00:00


Using the MailJet PHP API, we have added in stats so you can see how many emails have been sent, bounced, blocked, or marked as spam on a per-customer basis.

To check out the new mail dashboard with statistics feature, navigate to a customer account on the admin side then click on 'view email log'. Simple! You can see this also while looking at customer accounts.

Kiva Logic MailJet Stats Integration

How you can use this information

  •  Customer says they didn't get their weekly email- check the stats here first. If the Delivered count is the same as the Total count, that means there are no problems on the website, and it is most likely a problem with their inbox or mail provider.

  • Customer says they didn't get their weekly email- if the number delivered is at 0%, check that they didn't enter their email address incorrectly. If that isn't the problem, send us an email and we'll investigate further.

Pretty much the only time that there's a problem that we have to worry about is if you see queue, spam, block, or bounced numbers above 0. If you do, send an email our way.

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