2022-04-02 Box Products Update #2

Continuing with the fun new "Box Products" page updates on the admin side, here we go:

- created new 'cogs' dropdown at the top right of the menu pane, this will hold misc. options and settings

- moved 'un-delete product' to 'cogs' dropdown

- moved 'show/hide retail' setting to 'cogs' dropdown

- NEW! in the 'cogs' dropdown, you can now set what classifications are displayed when counting how many of something is in each box. The default is fruit, veg, and other. This allows you to set the first two classifications, while the third will always remain 'other'. Click the 'cogs', then click 'set three classifications'.

- updated the scrolling feature that locks the header to the top of the browser so it FITS NOW without jumping sizes.

- cleaned up formatting of the 'stats' section for each box to make it cleaner

- removed the 'tabs' display if you only have one tab so it doesn't look weird all by itself.

- updated styling on some misc columns, made the font size smaller in the table for the headers and the product names.

- NEW! Big update when you click the 'Add Product' button. After selecting a classification, the system will load the previous known values and autofill them. You can click 'disable autofill' to stop it from doing that.

- NEW! Show or hide the 'Split?' column. Click on 'show split column' or 'hide split column' under the cogs dropdown.

- NEW! Click on the "Sub" column header to set all products to sub, or to un-check the boxes and set all products to not sub.

- update: more styling of the 'pricesheet name' column for a more uniform layout.

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