2024-04-08 Shop Recent Orders Feature and more Spring Updates

We have had two pretty bad storms recently up here in Maine, both of which knocked out the power and internet here. Because of that, I've pushed back some updates that I had previously planned on pushing out around mid March.

Without further ado, here they are!

Shop Recent Orders Feature

This allows your customers to add all or some of the products from their previous orders to their current order- saves them time, and will help increase per-order revenue for you.

Then the customer can click on 'select items' to either add all the items that are available, or they can select just the items they want:

Update Mobile Admin Search

The new 'search' icon is in the admin nav bar, and makes use of the full screen for a brand new easy to use search when you're on the go.


  • Updated the "Featured Products" section on the customer home page to be nicer
  • more tweaks to mobile/tablet shop layouts
  • update to item details page for better mobile layout, hover over image
  • So many little things here and there 🙂
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