Wholesale Customers Type for Bulk Sales

Wholesale customers are typically business to business customers that select all the items in their order and pay a special wholesale price not available to normal customers. They purchase products in bulk sales. These could be coffee shops, small grocers, or any other company that you wish to sell wholesale to.


To enable 'Wholesale Customers', go to Settings->Software Misc., and look for "Allow the 'Wholesale Buyer' customer type" and set it to 'on'.


Set Wholesale Prices

Only products that have a 'Wholesale Price' will be available for Wholesale customers to purchase. You can set the wholesale price by editing any active product, and on the right side you'll see 'Wholesale Price'.


Setting up a Wholesale Customer

Next is to actually create the wholesale customer in your customer list. Here's how:

  1. Go to Customers, and click 'Add Customer'

  2. After entering in all the relavant info, save and create the new customer

  3. Now click on the wrench icon to next to the customer's name.

  4. change their account type from 'Customer' to 'Wholesale'. Screenshot

  5. Next, click on the wrench next to the customers subscription information. Set their schedule to 'periodic', their subsc price to zero, and their box to a la carte. Screenshot

  6. Done!

Wholesale Shopping Interface

When wholesale customers log in, if they are still able to place an order for the week they will see one action button that says 'view pricesheet & build order'


Once they click that, an order will be created for them and they will be taken to the wholesale buyer shopping interface. This interface is designed to be more like a pricesheet to allow for ordering lots of quantities of lots of items all at once.


On this screen they can scroll through the different categories, select the quantity of each item, then when they are done they can click the button at the bottom that says 'Save my order'.

That's it! Wholesale customers can still change/edit their order right up until their route's cutoff time.


Aside from the shopping interface, not much is different for wholesale customers. There will still be labels printed for them, transaction records, etc etc, just like regular customers.

  • there is no way for people to make themselves a wholesale customer. An admin must follow the steps above to create a wholesale customer.
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