Barcode Scanner for Shipping Labels

With the Kiva Logic software, EasyPost, and, you can use a barcode scanner to print shipping labels in your warehouse.

A barcode will be printed on each packing label so that when the order reaches the end of your pack line, you can scan the barcode and have the shipping label from UPS/Fedex/USPS/etc printed on demand.

For this feature to be enabled, you will also have to provide an EasyPost shipping account so that UPS/Fedex/USPS/etc labels can be created.


  • a computer for your warehouse

  • a Zebra or Dymo printer

  • a barcode scanner

  • internet connection

  • an admin account for the warehouse

Setting up a barcode scanner in your warehouse

  1. Buy a computer that will be in your warehouse and connected to your shipping label printer. Make sure the label printer is connected and working.

  2. Buy a barcode scanner similar to this one:

  3. Create an account on and install the PrintNode software on the warehouse computer, and connect the printer to the PrintNode account.

  4. Send your PrintNode API information to and ask for the shipping label feature to be enabled.

Using the barcode scanner

  1. On the warehouse computer, log in to an admin account and navigate to

  2. Select the printer that you want to use, make sure this matches your warehouse printer

  3. Point the barcode scanner at the packing label for an order

  4. The Kiva Logic software will recognize the barcode, and send a signal through to print the UPS/Fedex/DHL/USPS label on your warehouse printer.

  5. Repeat steps 3-4 for each order that comes down the shipping line.

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