Exit Intent Popup Email Collection

When a potential customer visits your website and their mouse moves to the top of their browser as if they are exiting the page (or closing your tab), you can show a pop-up for a last ditch effort to get their email address. Collection of email addresses for marketing campaigns can be invaluable.

This feature is enabled when you create a new drip email campaign that uses the inbound source "Exit Intent Popup". To use this feature, you should first familiarize yourself with our drip email feature.

Create the campaign


Navigate to the Drip Emails page on your admin interface, then click 'New Campaign' at the top right of the screen. Create a name for the campaign like 'November Exit Popup Campaign', select 'Exit Intent Popup' from the drop down box, and click 'Create Campaign'.

Update your settings


For this type of Drip Email campaign, you'll notice a whole new section under the 'Settings' tab that allows you to craft and customize your popup message. Fill in the required fields, save your settings, and then you can click on 'Preview Exit Intent Popup' to see what it will look like.

The preview page only waits a second, and won't save a cookie on your computer so you can preview it as many times as you want.


When a customer enters in their email address, the system will send them an email to verify their address. The default message is very simple and generic, but if you click on the 'edit' button, you can change the text displayed to whatever you want.


The visitor will receive an email that contains a link for them to click that will verify their email address. This is a hard-coded email and can not be changed:


If they click the link and it's broken for some reason, they'll see this error screen:


..but if the token is valid, they'll see this screen:


Other opt-in methods

If you point users to https://www.yourdomain.com/subscribe, they can also be added to this drip email campaign as well. We plan on adding more places (like in the footer) for people to join the newsletter, but for now this is it.

You can also edit the text on this screen by clicking on the 'Edit' button at the top right.



  • This popup stores a cookie on the visitors' computer so it knows to only show the popup once every 30 days

  • The visitor must be on a page for at least 5 seconds before the popup will be displayed

  • The popup only displays if the visitor is not logged in

  • The popup only displays if the visitor moves their mouse up the screen above your website (like in the browser navigation area)
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