Get the MOST out of the Kiva Logic software

This is a list of things that you should be enabling or doing to help grow your business while using the Kiva Logic software. This list is actively maintained and will be updated whenever new features come out.

The List

  1. Use the promotion bar

  2. Set up the exit intent popup

  3. Create a drip email campaign for missed signups

  4. Create a drip email campaign for cancellations

  5. Create a drip email campaign for the exit intent popup

  6. Follow our SEO guide

  7. Get an iOS and Android app for your business

  8. Make sure your referral program is set up

  9. Use pop up messages to promote weekly sales

  10. Set up the referral leaderboard and run a promotion

  11. Use printed messages to talk with your customers

  12. Send an email or a push message to promote weekly sales

  13. Use magic links in your weekly email to make it easy for customers to log in

  14. Set up your holiday weeks for the upcoming year

  15. Enable gift boxes and get yourself featured in local gift guide publications!

  16. Use order count events to reward and thank loyal customers

  17. Enable Brinks the SMS messaging bot to open another channel of communication with your customers

  18. Review all of your system emails to ensure they are up to date

  19. Review all content pages to ensure they are up to date

  20. Update your blog WEEKLY. Even if you only copy and paste the weekly email, keep your blog updated.

  21. Use our long-tail keyword page tool to get more customers, rank higher in search engines

  22. Update your customer testimonials

  23. Update your media mentions

  24. With our re-launch of the Recipes Feature, add more recipes and encourage customer participation

  25. Enable the '24 hours until cutoff' emails (available starting May 21, 2018)

  26. Enable the 'Contact Form Received' email

Marketing Focus

Disclaimer: we're not marketing experts, but if we were to make recommendations on what channels to focus on, this is it.

  1. Facebook organic + ads

  2. Google AdWords (also lumping in organic web searches here)

  3. Instagram (easier once you're running)

  4. Local marketing (flyers, booths, street festivals, bulk-mail, gyms, daycares, local government & medium sized businesses with 'wellness' programs, schools, pta meetings)

  5. Press can beat all others if it's the right medium with a large audience- local tv news, bloggers, paper, npr

  6. Referrals (once you're running)

  7. Local Chamber of Commerce events/membership

  8. Twitter

If you get on TV, that can give you a nice little jump in numbers. More importantly, you can then use that TV appearance on FaceBook as a promoted video ad, and I've seen great results for that.

Local Citations

A local citation is simply an online listing containing your business information. Keep your information up-to-date and consistent across all citations for maximum impact.

Get local citations on Google my business(!!!!),, yelp, YP, MapQuest, Superpages, MerchantCircle, LinkedIn, Yellowbook,, Apple Maps, citysearch, superpages, yahoo local, Manta, DexKnows,

You could also use a service like or

Misc Advice

  • use to consistently post on all social media channels

  • do not buy listings or links, Google will know

  • do not use fiverr or any other service to buy likes, follows, link-building, etc

  • avoid Groupon at the start (different these days..). The traffic isn't there anymore like it was 5 years ago, and once you're on Groupon, everyone will want 50% off their first box.

  • if you have a BLOG, at the bare minimum, post your weekly email newsletter on it so that potential customers see current activity. There's nothing worse than a blog that hasn't been updated in over a year! Not a good sign for potential customers.

  • write guest posts for other blogs, or invite guests to post on your blog

  • post at least one video a week on your YouTube channel about your product, news, packing boxes, etc etc

  • respond to customer service emails STUPIDLY FAST. Fast enough that they go 'wow, thanks for the quick reply'

Whew! You've got your work cut out for you now. Good luck and we're [here for you]( help please!) if you need it.

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